Top 8 Plays of Super Bowl 48 Because the Broncos Only Scored 8 Points

8.) Kids at home, this is why you wrap up 101.

7.) Textbook lesson of how not to start a game

6.) Use two hands to protect the ball.  Am I right Stevan Ridley?

5.) Though Demaryius would make up for it, albeit a little late, but he did have an excellent 13-catch performance including the great catch for the Broncos only score.

4.) Folks, this is how you make an impact after playing one-ish game during the season

3.) Excellent jump, catch, and return  from MVP Malcolm Smith.

2.) Compared to play #8 this is why you wrap up 1,000,001.  Textbook spinning by Jermaine Kearse to stay on his feet and he is rewarded with a touchdown to make the score 35-0.

1.) Broadway Joe absolutely killed it with the fur coat, though it was head referee Terry McAulay with the game’s first interception for the top play.

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